Check personal schedule/Schedule issues

Check personal schedule/Schedule issues

Get a personal schedule on your smartphone simply by opening it in your mobile browser.

Works perfectly both for Android and iOS.

Log work to your tasks from mobile phone

Forgot to log work form your main computer? - not a problem, log worked hours from your smartphone.

Smart algorithm determines exactly how many hours user still needs to log, so you don't need to enter them manually.

Log work to your tasks from mobile phone

Change status of Jira issue

Change status of Jira issue

Forgot to change status of your Jira issue? - Not a problem, simply do it from your cell phone.

You can change the status to any available in your Jira.

Open task in Jira (app)

Quickly open issues in your Jira mobile, from AT

Open task in Jira (app)

Release Notes

Latest functionality and features updates are available on ActivityTimeline add-on Release Notes page.

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  • Frequently asked questions

    Does ActivityTimeline work with Jira Cloud?

    Yes, ActivityTimeline works with Jira Server, Data Center and Cloud.

    Is it possible to request an online demo?

    Yes, we are happy to walk you through ActivityTimeline Dashboard functionality:   Schedule a demo session

    Will ActivityTimeline update dashboard if I change something in Jira?

    Yes, synchronization is two-ways.

    How issue start/end dates are saved into Jira?

    Planned start/end dates are stored into Jira custom fields if configured or into internal database > Instruction

    Can I upgrade my license in future?

    Yes, you can upgrade your license any time.

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