ActivityTimeline Release Notes

Thank you for your interest in ActivityTimeline add-on and your help in making it even better!

  • ActivityTimeline v8.0 and up

    ActivityTimeline Release Notes are available only on the wiki page starting from ActivityTimeline v8.0

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  • ActivityTimeline v7.5 20 April 2020

    Server version may take up to 30 minutes to start for the first time if upgraded from v7.0.6 or below

    Added new Milestones Report

    Added Italian language localization

    Added possibility export project Fix Versions in Milestones Report

    Added possibility to show Fix Versions on the Milestones Panel for a project

    Improved performance of Assignee/Team drop down for large instances

    Improved support for Jira Next-Gen projects

    Configurable pagination on the left issues panel

    Added bulk Reassign and bulk Clone actions to the 'Bulk Reschedule' dialog

    Added 'Dynamic Team' based on user Position (in addition to Skill)

    New option to auto add/remove users from a project team based on assigned Booking item

    Improved auto-refresh of permitted projects list

    Updated styles of issue estimates

    Improved workload calculation in large period units

    Improved reports for large scopes

    Improved UI on manage user skills and positions page

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

    Read more at the release notes Confluence page.

  • ActivityTimeline v7.4 29 February 2020

    Server version may take up to 30 minutes to start for the first time if upgraded from v7.0.6 or below

    Enhanced "Planned vs Actual" report to support saved filters

    Redesigned left issues panel (backlog)

    Improved performance of events loading on the calendar

    Optimized displaying of custom events

    Enhanced AT REST API to support creation of new event types

    Added support of token based authorization to AT REST API

    Added possibility to filter multiple reports based on Jira Filter

    Version filter on Quick Filters panel

    Displaying of "Story Points" on issue bar

    Updated the architecture of back-end logic

    Fixed issue with pagination of left panel with selected Jira Filter

    Increased the number of issues from saved filter for reports

    Fixed issues in Summary of Detailed Worklog report

    Update UI of Bookmarked Reports page

    Improved workflow with managing Jira filters

    Fixed Single Sign-On integration and sync for non-English languages

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

    Read more at the release notes Confluence page.

  • ActivityTimeline v7.3 7 December 2019

    Server version may take up to 30 minutes to start for the first time if upgraded from v7.0.6 or below

    Implemented Story Point to Hours Conversion Factor per project

    New Default module view per user configuration in My Account page

    Re-designed Reports module UI

    Added possibility to add description to Custom Events types

    Added possibility to clone Placeholders (w/o issue)

    Added possibility to filter issues by Release (FixVersion)

    Added possibility to filter issues by Priority

    Added possibility to create sub-tasks for issues on left panel

    User roles management UI improvements

    New Custom Event Report based on scheduled events

    Added support of additional fields in "Detailed Worklog Report"

    Possibility to Include worklogs on Timeline Excel report

    Allows users to choose past months in Timeline reports

    Added a configuration to show more than 30 users on Dashboard

    Added support of new additional fields on Issue Card

    Added new "Epic/Story" field into left issues panel

    Possibility to assign Skill to users at Skill Creation

    Possibility to specify time on "Log work" dialog

    New 'My Teams' menu for a user

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

    Read more at the release notes Confluence page.

  • ActivityTimeline v7.2 2 September 2019

    Server version may take up to 30 minutes to start for the first time if upgraded from v7.0.6 or below

    New Refreshed UI and functionality

    Multi​-select quick filters in PLAN/WORK Filters panel

    Displaying hierarchy of Issues on the Left Panel (Epics->Stories/Tasks->Sub-tasks)

    Possibility to define custom involvement per user per week day

    Added 'Search issues' and support of Jira saved filters to WORK module

    Added new "Approved Vacations Status" report

    Added Events appearance customization

    Added new "Semi Read-Only" restriction

    Added new configuration option to re-use Jira Project permissions

    New planning of Overtimes (new Overtime event type)

    Implemented support of percentages during creation of Booking events

    New Timesheets Configuration option to allow to log hours for future

    Enhanced "Detailed Worklog Report" to support more custom field types

    Auto select an issue when logging work hours

    Added "Acceptable deviation" into Issue Progress Report

    Added new Team Managers page

    Implemented Bulk Edit of Team Members details

    Improved User management screen

    New Data Synchronization Page

    Improved Bulk rescheduler to take into account weekends during reschedule

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

    Read more at the release notes Confluence page.

  • ActivityTimeline v7.1 19 June 2019

    Server version may take up to 30 minutes to start for the first time if upgraded from v7.0.6 or below

    Added possibility to re-assign issue on Issue Card

    Added possibility to Activate/Deactivate some custom event types

    Added possibility to set custom date range or predefined period for reports

    Placeholder approval action can automatically create a new Jira issue now

    Allowed Team Manager/Admin to see Work module of managed users

    Allowed Team Manager to approve/unapprove events of his/her team

    Added Jira saved filter into Timesheets/Report configuration

    Implemented an acceptable deviation for Project progress report

    Implemented possibility to group Timesheets by more issue fields: Epic, Parent task, Fix version, Label, Component and Release

    Added possibility to include hours from Non-working days into Reports/Timesheets

    Support "Treat Bookings as worklogs" option for Work and Timesheets modules

    Added "Nominal Hours" column into Timesheets Progress view

    Enhanced multi-item pickers for Timesheets Project/Team drop downs

    Implemented Style Editor UI for customization of issue appearance

    Improved Workload report to not show blue background if there is other work

    Added new setting to specify a custom notification message to all users at the top of dashboard page

    Added Collapse/Expand buttons on left Filter panel

    Improved time zones handling when logging work hours internationally

    Updated AT REST API for compatibility with latest Jira versions

    Improved the way how AT connects to Jira with SSO

    Improved Localization

    Issues Bulk reschedule improvements

    Do not include inactive projects on "Project Progress Report"

    Enhanced limitation of Vacation days

    Number of "Logged hours" is rounded to the maximum of two digits after decimal point

    Added day numbers to weekdays in collapsed workload indicator mode

    Redesigned the "Enable\Disable access to Dashboard" option in "Bulk edit mode"

    Added possibility to define custom issue priorities order

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

    Read more at the release notes Confluence page.

  • ActivityTimeline v7.0 25 February 2019

    Server version may take up to 30 minutes to start for the first time if upgraded from v6.x or below

    Mobile view for users - Implemented mobile web view to allow regular users to view their tasks and log work

    My Workplace module (Work module) - see own plan/schedule/progress and log work hours

    Timesheets module (Track module) - managers are track timesheets based on work hours logged by team people

    Create Jira issues through ActivityTimeline

    Track dependencies between issues (auto highlight blocked issues in case of incorrect schedule)

    Automatically add "Event type name" placeholder into Title on Create Event dialog

    Reports improvements:

        Add column from Jira custom field into "Detailed Worklog Report"

        Add "Deviation columns" into Issue/Project Progress

        Do not show violet background on workload in weekly/monthly scopes

        Added Project filter to "Issue Progress Report"

        New Project Progress Report

        Show assignee on events exported into External calendar from Team calendar

    Vacation Management - limit amount of approved vacations each person can take

    Unschedule issue-part, from 'Manage issue-part dialog'

    Add worklog re-sync option into Issues synchronization page

    Added Team Manager + Import from Tempo

    Configurable displaying of issue/event cards (on click or mouse over)

    Open issue in a new tab if clicked with middle mouse scroll button

    Team drop down UI improvements - auto-focus team/person search

    New product tour

    New layout collapse/expand button

    Auto populate logged hours based on user's capacity

    Updated user roles with backward compatibility

    If user has just "Read Only" role then it will be like Extra Limited role with a read only access

    Added possibility Edit Start/End Date while creating Custom events

    Added Oracle DB 12.1/12.2/18c support

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

    Read more at the release notes Confluence page.

  • ActivityTimeline v6.2 28 December 2018

    Server version may take up to 30 minutes to start for the first time if upgraded from v5.x or below

    Added issue style customization based on issue type

    Added confirmation on event type removal

    Added custom feature to change issue-part duration on split

    Updated workload indicator mode switcher

    Improved legend in Worklog reports

    Improved user list refresh action to show users

    Fixed loading of issues of Kanban board in SSO mode

    Fixed Approve permission for admin/power user

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

    Read more at the release notes Confluence page.

  • ActivityTimeline v6.1 4 December 2018

    Server version may take up to 30 minutes to start for the first time if upgraded from v5.x or below

    Added possibility for in-line Issue Status update on issue card dialog

    Improved 'Group by Component' and 'Group by Release' to group by individual components and fix versions

    Improved mechanism of loading users from Jira groups

    Added 'Sort Members' action into Team management page

    Added online chat support to Setup Wizard

    Added "Unassigned" option into Assignee Filter drop down

    Added a link to Refresh user profile avatar image from Jira on My Account page

    Added possibility to edit start/end date of issue-parts on 'Manage Issue Parts' dialog

    Added proper legend to all Worklogs reports (Excel & Web)

    Added 'Log work' link to the issue card

    Fixed Tempo Cloud worklogs sync in case of SSO mode

    Fixed "Share Current View" link to share the current dashboard view

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

    Read more at the release notes Confluence page.

  • ActivityTimeline v6.0 9 November 2018

    Server version may take up to 30 minutes to start for the first time if upgraded from v5.x.x or below

    Added possibility to buy ActivityTimeline Server license through our new Atlassian Marketplace app

    New Timeline scope - Quarter Weekly scroll

    Added Holiday Schemes management

    Import Holiday Schemes from Tempo and Portfolio

    Integration with Tempo Cloud (worklog records): Tempo Cloud Integration instructions

    Import teams and user positions from Tempo

    Load users from Jira group(s) or Tempo team(s)

    Improved Timesheets reports to highlight days of incomplete worklogs

    Possibility to completely unlink "Assignee" issue field from a timeline

    Added bulk approve/unapprove of Placeholders and Bookings

    Automatic periodic user sync from Jira (configurable)

    Export scheduled events of the whole team into external calendar

    Improved Availability report configuration (per Skill and Position)

    Added inline edit of user skills and position

    Added advanced user search by skill & availability

    Added displaying of user availability (per month, in percentage) on Person Card

    Added possibility to select multiple teams or no teams in Team drop down

    Enhanced AT REST API 'timeline' end point to filter by event type

    Added new AT REST API end point approve and unapprove custom events

    Add "Only Me" team to the dashboard drop down (like in reports)

    Improved Auto-scheduler to schedule up to 500 issues at once.

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

    Read more at the release notes Confluence page.

  • ActivityTimeline v5.5 29 June 2018

    Server version may take up to 30 minutes to start for the first time if upgraded from v5.3 or below

    Single Sign-On with Jira (SSO) - login into ActivityTimeline without a password

    Automatic displaying of Project Release dates (Fix Version) on the Milestones Panel after selecting a project

    Improved User management page to display the number/list of teams a user belongs to

    New Aggregated Timeline Report that combines issues of the same project

    Automatically group issue worklogs records per issue/project depending on the timeline scope

    Added Partial Days Off - part-day non working time

    Added Select All/Unselect All issues into Auto Scheduler and Bulk Rescheduler dialogs

    Added possibility to Log Work on the period of days and on issue parts

    Added an automatic way to update Issue Parts remaining estimate after a change in Jira

    Added possibility to bulk-assign Skills and Position to users

    Added pagination on the left issues panel to browse issues by chunks of 100

    Added additional icons for new event types

    Added possibility to set/change colors of all recurrent events

    Added worklog records sync per project (used when a new project is added)

    Added possibility to generate web/excel report for yourself ('Only Me' report)

    Added "Merge All" link on issue card popup if issue is split

    Improved the way issues are split

    Improved Date/Time selection dialogs

    Improved displaying of issues on the timelines when "Apply left filters to Timelines panel" switch is on

    Improved performance of quick issue search (search by issue key)

    Improved performance of quick user search (search by name/username)

    Improved performance of team members management page; reorder team members

    Performance optimization of calculation the number of expired issues on dashboard

    Fixed "31 Day" timeline scope navigation issue

    Fixes several displaying issues in reports

    Fixed editing of Bookmarked Reports

    Fixed performance problem of deleting issues of an inactive project

    Fixed recurrent events creation with a specific time zone setting

    Fixed timeline panel to update the currently highlighted day after synchronization

    Fixed user availability calculation for the current day (take worklogs on the current day into account)

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

    Read more at the release notes Confluence page.

  • ActivityTimeline v5.4 7 May 2018

    Server version may take up to 30 minutes to start for the first time after upgrade

    New "Worklogs & Workload" indicators mode that shows both work logs based on work log records and workload based on remaining issue estimate:

        PAST: Indicators will display people's Logged hours

        CURRENT: Indicators will display people's Logged hours and remaining estimate of the scheduled issues

        FUTURE: Indicators will display people's Workload based on remaining estimates of issues in the future

    New options for Worklog/Workload/Availability calculation

    Added possibility to Group issues by Epic on the left panel

    Multiple improvements in reports:

        Possibility to select multiple teams to export in report

        Possibility to select all or multiple projects to export in report

        Possibility to include placeholders in Availability reports

        Possibility to include bookings with project names and days off in Detailed Worklog reports

        Back button in web reports to return to the report configuration page

        Added "Excel" icon to web reports to generate Excel version of a report right from that web report page

        Displaying user full names instead on usernames in availability reports

    Implement Private/Shared/Public Bookmarked Report modes

    New authorization mechanism using Jira Cloud user's email address as login name and user's API Token as a password to login

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

    Read more at the release notes Confluence page.

  • ActivityTimeline v5.3 5 March 2018

    Bulk Issue Rescheduling at 'Extra' tab

    Full French and Chinese localization

    Possibility to split Bookings using a popup card

    Added functionality to customize appearance of issue bar

    Added customization of issue card (estimates and custom fields)

    Added functionality to customize appearance of event bar

    Implemented report generation for Regular User role (own data only)

    Report generation for multiple teams

    Improved Auto-Scheduler to show which issues will be scheduled

    Added indication if remaining estimate of issue parts differs from a parent issue

    Added customizable default time range for Date/Time mode e.g. 9am-6pm

    Updated REST API to include time component in start/end dates for Date/Time mode

    Added functionality to open Jira issue/event on double click (hold Ctrl key to open in a new tab)

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

  • ActivityTimeline v5.2 22 December 2017

    New '31 Days' scope with horizontal scrolling

    New Timeline Report - export of timelines into Excel

    New Detailed Timesheet worklog report with comments

    Added Possibility to bookmark Reports

    Improved performance of the dashboard UI

    Enhanced Timesheet reports to show holidays and vacations

    Super compact rendering of compact timeline mode

    Implemented Custom Jira project list refresh interval

    Improved planned start/end date updates without a due date

    Added automatic detection if user has to answer captcha image in Jira

    Added support of two User Picker custom fields for issue assignees

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

  • ActivityTimeline v5.1 14 September 2017

    Complete German, Spanish and Russian localization (all screens)

    Added support of Dynamic teams (team members selected based on specified user skill)

    Added support of large involvement values per person to emulate 'groups' as a single resource

    Granted Power User Role permission to partially manage users details: skills, position and involvement

    Extended REST API to support creating of pre-approved events

    Added possibility to create a Placeholder without Jira issue

    Added possibility to associate an existing issue to placeholder without Jira issue

    Added an option to make newly loaded projects inactive by default

    Added possibility to quick search for projects by key or name on Configuration page

    Added Group by Issue Type option on the left issues panel

    Ability to preserve AT-only non-Jira users during Users List refresh

    Added person position statistics to the User Positions List page

    Added automatic sync after "New Issue" popup window is closed

    Improved User Skill Statistics page

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

  • ActivityTimeline v5.0 6 June 2017

    Completely re-designed UI:

        New Dashboard UI

        New Administration UI

        Kept all previous features

    New Vacation Report

    New extra colors for issues and events

    Added Help menu/Product Tour for new users to get up to speed quickly

    Added possibility to run Setup Wizard by a non-Jira Administrator user

    Added possibility to define default color for issues and events

    Improved German, French and Spanish localization

    Improved Workload Indicators to display information in various time units: hours, days or weeks

    Improved Project Synchronization (enabled vs disabled projects)

    Improved License management page

    Improved performance of initial rendering time

    Upgraded technology stack

    A number of other improvements and bug fixes

  • ActivityTimeline v4.5 20 February 2017

    New Quarter timeline scope (weekly)

    New Half-a-Year timeline scope (monthly)

    Improvement in dashboard timelines printing

    Added link icon from a sub-task to a parent task on issue bar

    Added the possibility to group sub-tasks by Parent Task

    Added extra security techniques

    Fixed header in Excel summary reports

    Fixed issue with Timesheets report for users with inconsistent letter-case

    Fixed Automatic Scheduler start date setting

    A number of other minor improvements and bug fixes

  • ActivityTimeline v4.4 28 December 2016

    French localization of user interface

    Added support of Multi-User Picker custom field with two modes:

        Multi-User Picker field instead of Assignee

        Extra Multi-User Picker field in addition to Assignee to store issue parts only

    Newly created users will get LIMITED_USER instead of DEFAULT_USER role by default now

    Added quick project search to edit event dialog

    Added possibility to reuse Jira project permissions in addition to ActivityTimeline roles

    Added possibility to hide custom event type names

    Added date period navigation button to web version of reports

    Added new security checks and improvements

    Improved 'Issues Progress Report' to include start/end dates and assignee

    Optimizations for editing issue parts, issue search & filtering

    Updated styles to show issues with DONE status strikethrough by default

    Fixed displaying of small events on 31 day and year views

    Fixed position of small confirmation dialogs to appear below the issue

    Fixed MSSQL database compatibility

    A number of other minor improvements and bug fixes

  • ActivityTimeline v4.3 12 September 2016

    Server version requires Full Synchronization after upgrade

    Spanish localization of user interface

    Added Approval workflow to Booking custom events

    Implemented Tracking of Issue Estimates (OK, Overestimated or Underestimated)

    Added Issue Progress Report (Time estimates tracking per issue)

    Added the possibility to show recently updated issues on the left panel after sync

    Automatically Sync Jira issue after its popup is closed

    Added Due Date to a tool tip of issue parts

    Fixed status sync of issue parts (red color/crossed out if main issue is overdue/closed)

    Added the possibility to bulk delete users from ActivityTimeline

    A number of other minor improvements and bug fixes

  • ActivityTimeline v4.2.1 18 July 2016

    New 'Extra Limited User Role' - users with this role will see just their timeline and issues assigned to them

    Updated permissions of 'Limited User Role' to be able to see just issues assigned to them and their team mates.

    Each role has a complete description directly on the Admin UI

    Inactive projects are hidden from filter drop down

    Switched default role for newly added users to Extra Limited User Role (configurable in settings)

    A number of other minor improvements and bug fixes

  • ActivityTimeline v4.2 30 June 2016

    German locatiozation of user interface

    Implemented ActivityTimeline REST API to access AT specific data

    Functionality to manage custom event types (add/edit/remove)

    3 new Availability reports based on scheduled work:

        Person availability report

        Team availability report

        Skill/Position availability report

    Enhanced Availability reports to have an option to show availability in hours and percentages

    Added Workload/Availability switch for workload (capacity) indicators

    Enhanced Team drop down to allow search by team name/person/skill and position

    Added Approval workflow to Vacations

    Added new USE_SPRINT_PERIOD_AS_PERIOD_OF_ITS_TICKETS setting to reuse sprint dates for issues

    Added the possibility to display who created a custom event (Note, Placeholder and Booking)

    Added displaying of Issue Status in a tooltip

    Enhanced support of Date/Time custom field type for Planned Start/End dates

    Added the possibility to group issues by Component

    Implemented the possibility to use a Custom Field instead of Assignee field

    Updated Obsolete issues search functionality

    Optimized Synchronization performance

    Added shortcuts to close popup dialogs by Esc key, submit by Enter key

    A number of other minor improvements and bug fixes

  • ActivityTimeline v4.1 18 January 2016

    Full Jira 7 support

    3 new timesheet reports based on logged work:

        Team summary worklog report

        Team detailed by project worklog report

        Team detailed by issue worklog report

    2 new project workload reports based on remaining time estimates:

        Project summary workload report

        Project detailed workload report

    Possibility to edit Original and Remaining time estimates from issue tool tip dialog (and log work)

    Possibility to choose week numbering schema (DEFAULT_WEEK_NUMBERING setting)

    Sync without full-page refresh

    Full sync of individual projects

    iCal calendar feed export improvements

    Extended report period up to 1 year

    A number of other minor improvements and bug fixes

  • ActivityTimeline v4.0 17 August 2015

    Auto issue scheduler

    Split issue between users and periods (drag'n'drop with Shift key hold)

    Create Placeholder for an issue by drag'n'drop with Ctrl/Command key hold

    Added a new icon to Jira task to show its sub-tasks

    Dashboard Compact view

    Enhanced user metadata: added Position, Skills and Levels

    Redesigned left panel - Filters/Grouping/Sorting and Extra tabs

    Added Filter by Resolution and Filter by Status

    Added Recurring events

    Bulk users edit (roles/involvement/disablement)

    Added button to Share dashboard link with others

    Implemented the possibility to change issue estimate (log work) from issue tool tip

    Added extra link field to custom events

    Added Placeholder "Approve" button to the edit dialog box

    Implemented the possibility to apply left filters to timeline panels

    Implemented custom issue sorting on the left panel

    Enhanced Workload Report to support display units (day/week/month) as well as links back to the dashboard (html version only)

    Added JQL based issue search

    Other changes and fixes

  • ActivityTimeline v3.9.x 28 April 2015

    Integration with external calendars by exporting the schedule in iCal format -
    see Jira issues assigned and scheduled to you directly in your favorite calendar app:

        Microsoft Outlook

        Apple iCal

        Google Calendar

    New 'Automatic Team' that dynamically changes its members based on available issues in the left panel

    Significantly improved performance for Jira instances with 100.000+ issues

    Improved algorithm of loading large portions of issues on one screen

    Added Date/Time custom field type support for Planned Start/End dates

    Made Sync Interval configurable

    Minor bug fixes and other improvements

  • ActivityTimeline v3.8.x 20 December 2014

    HTTP Basic Authorization support

    New 'Placeholder' custom event type with 'Approval' workflow;

    New 'LIMITED' user role to restrict user from seeing other teams;

    REST sync improvements;

    Possibility to edit custom event type labels;

    Improved Jira Agile support;

    Minor bug fixes and other improvements.

  • ActivityTimeline v3.7.x 19 August 2014

    Color Coding - differentiate, categorize or highlight some tasks;

    Expired issues indicator per person;

    Custom workload per person (involvement);

    Possibility to exclude past days from workload calculation;

    KANBAN boards support;

    Possibility to exclude several projects from sync;

    Jira Synchronization performance improvements.

    Minor bug fixing.

  • ActivityTimeline v3.6.x 10 June 2014

    Implemented workload indicator for all timeline scopes;

    Added possibility to reorder team members;

    Possibility to automatically create teams from Jira groups in setup wizard;

    Configurable default workload per day that has influence on the indicator color ranges;

    Possibility to create Booking for all people in a team like Holiday;

    Quick User Search;

    Support of Agile Sprints that belong to multiple boards;

    Fix: User list refresh from a custom group;

    Fix: REST sync mode;

    Fix: Other minor bug fixing.

  • ActivityTimeline v3.5.x 15 April 2014

    Added variety of 5 new calendar scopes for a large-scale planning:

        current Week scope

        new Two Weeks scope

        new Month Daily scope

        new Month Weekly scope

        new Two Months scope

        new Year scope

    Calendar got a fixed and clickable double-row header that allows you to navigate across time periods

    Clickable current period label to quickly jump to any other date period

    Possibility to change task start/end/due dates right from the issue tool tip

    Clone custom events if drag'n'dropped with CTRL key held

    The page automatically scolls as you move a task between people below the visible page area

    Milestone markers/events are movable so you can drag'n'drop them when needed

    Better error handling

    Minor bug fixing.

  • ActivityTimeline v3.1.x 12 February 2014

    Added integration with Jira Agile:

    Load Agile Board/Sprint data

    Filter tickets on the left panel per board or sprint

    Group tickets by sprints

    Sort tickets on the left panel by "Rank" field when Board is selected

    Added pagination on the user management page to support larger amount of users;

    Possibility to quickly switch assignee filter between "Me"/"All".

    Improved the popup issue dialog to support editing of Jira field

    Minor bug fixing.

  • ActivityTimeline v3.0.x 1 October 2013

    Two ActivityTimeline themes (Silver gray and Classic yellow);

    Possibility to switch periods across both weeks & days (easier tasks rescheduling from the last Friday to next Monday);

    Possibility to resize tasks from both sides;

    Project list management page (automatically refresh Jira project list or not);

    Persistence of current period as well as first day of week;

    Other usability improvements

  • ActivityTimeline v2.8.x 29 April 2013

    Jira 6 compatibility;

    Possibility to create Holiday item for entire team at once;

    Confirmation on custom event removal;

    New "Due Soon" filter option in "Filter by Schedule" drop down;

    Added 'Create New Task' button to the dashboard;

    Improved Booking of person's time;

    Improved workload calculation algorithm;

    Project Level details in a workload report;

    Minor bug fixing.

  • ActivityTimeline v2.7.x 21 December 2012

    Possibility to book someone's time (full day or part time);

    Book time per some specific project;

    Editing of custom events;

    Deletion of custom event by clicking on event's icon;

    Configurable staring month for workload report (previous/current/next month);

    Automatic refresh of Jira projects;

    Project Filter for Milestones Panel;

    New 'Overdue Tickets' filter option;

    Minor bug fixing.

  • ActivityTimeline v2.6.x 3 December 2012

    Milestones Panel that shows Jira issues by Due Date field and can hold custom milestones, events, deadlines etc. (click on reg flag button to open/close it);

    Filter left panel of issues by Native Jira Filter (click 'More' link next to the Quick Search blank and select one of your favorite Jira filters);

    Performance optimizations of timeline panel;

    Indication of overdue issues with red color (due date is missed or in the past, planned end date is in the past);

    Minor bug fixing

  • ActivityTimeline v2.5.x 15 October 2012

    Workload Report in HTML and Excel format;

    Read-Only User Role (a person with this role will not be able to modify anything on the dashboard);

    Quick search within drop down filters (useful when you have hundreds of users/projects);

    Filter by scheduled/non scheduled tasks in the left panel;

    New BALANCE workload calculation mode (if the 3 hours task is scheduled for 3 days then each day will get 1 hour workload);

    New task schedule validation: If the due date was missed or planned finish date is in the past or after the due date then show task in red color;

    Due date indicator on the right side of a blue issue bar;

    Persist drop-down filters across page reloads;

    Showing of user roles on the page with list of users;

    Possibility to turn on/off beta version of future v3.0 features set.

    Minor bug fixing

  • ActivityTimeline v2.0.x 17 July 2012

    Added Workload Indicator that displays how many hours is used per each work day per each person based on remaining estimate of scheduled Jira issues.

    It calculates all Jira tasks across all projects assigned and scheduled to every person.

    In addition, Workload Indicator displays total amount of person's work hours for the week.

    Different color indicates the "workload" of any particular day

    Other changes

  • ActivityTimeline v1.0.x 27 June 2012

    Initial release on Atlassian Marketplace

  • ActivityTimeline launch 29 August 2011

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    Yes, ActivityTimeline works with Jira Server, Data Center and Cloud.

    Is it possible to request an online demo?

    Yes, we are happy to walk you through ActivityTimeline Dashboard functionality:   Schedule a demo session

    Will ActivityTimeline update dashboard if I change something in Jira?

    Yes, synchronization is two-ways.

    How issue start/end dates are saved into Jira?

    Planned start/end dates are stored into Jira custom fields if configured or into internal database > Instruction

    Can I upgrade my license in future?

    Yes, you can upgrade your license any time.

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