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Schedule and track Jira tasks & custom events and visualize team
workload/assignments on a timeline interface

Understand what your team is doing at any given moment, see the workload & detect scheduling conflicts.
ActivityTimeline - Icon ArrowRightPlan - Resource & Capacity Management
Personal Task & Time Tracking for everyone
ActivityTimeline - Icon ArrowRightWork - Personal Schedule & Time Tracking
Easy-to-Use Timesheet report to see where your users spend time.
ActivityTimeline - Icon ArrowRightTrack - Timesheet Reports
See the utilization of your resource, time planned for different project and if you have enough people with
needed skills to finish the project.
ActivityTimeline - Icon ArrowRightReport - Resource Utilization & Project Reports

Resource Management for Jira

Get a complete picture of the resources' activities in a few clicks.
A scalable planning dashboard with a cross-project view for shared resources along with various resource reports and advanced timesheets empowers your planning.

Schedule tasks, manage resources, track time, and keep an eye on all of the processes without an effort.

ActivityTimeline fits all of the resource management needs as it helps to visualize resource workflows as well as the project plans and deadlines. Meaningful task prioritization and project tracking will save your time and effort.

Leave management without an effort with the help of the custom events. Enjoy simple vacation planning.

Project Planning for Jira

Tracking the progress of your Jira projects goes hand in hand with resource planning. ActivityTimeline facilitates project planning during all project stages.

Managing multiple teams and projects is no more a headache as the planning dashboard reflects all of the ongoing undertakings, helps to see potential bottlenecks, and efficiently organizes tasks.

Among other features:
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Create project teams and assign tasks directly to them.
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Discover a lack of project resources or underload.
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Track project success with various reports.  

Simple Time Tracking

Jira time tracking becomes effortless. Forget about Excel Timesheets, collect data about worked time directly from Jira. Discover where users spend their time and set future estimates & deadlines accurately.

Personal & Team time tracking in a single place. Log worked hours directly on tasks, or use a special in-built Time Tracker to calculate every minute.  

Enjoy simplified time tracking with ActivityTimeline:
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Track time with advanced timesheets reports like Billable/Non-Billable categories, custom fields, grouping by Epic, export to Excel and more.
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Understand how much time users spent on a specific issue or project.
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Receive a detailed view of the user’s timesheet with his/her own tasks, projects, and logged hours.

All Inclusive Reporting

Expand your resource management capabilities, discover dozens of useful reports presented in the ActivityTimeline app. Get a clear understanding of your resource workload with the Resource Utilization Report, prevent work under-, or overload, and plan resource capacity with ease.

Enjoy advanced cross-project reporting. Observe how resources are scheduled per project in a few clicks with the Project Resources Report. Compare expected results with the actual execution of tasks/projects with the help of Actual vs Planned Report.

Report on users' worklogs, vacations, and utilization on the individual/team levels. Get comprehensive/detailed reporting views, and export generated reports to Excel format if needed.

Individual & Team Timelines

With the help of a special Team Panel that helps to plan on different levels within the short- and long-term periods. It provides complete planning & scheduling flexibility as well as a high-quality visualization of all processes at all stages.

Schedule a large amount of workload, like Epics or Program Increments to the whole team. A multi-functional workload indicator shows particular data about users'/teams’ available capacity and their current workload. 

Manage resources on 3 levels:
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Teams level allows to plan and get visibility on the high level for teams. It’s a perfect choice when you need to plan the workflow for multiple teams at a time.
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Teams with Users level allows receiving a better understanding of the future workflow for a single team. Here user can see a comprehensive plan and tasks for the specific team.
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Users level gives a possibility to plan & track the work of the individuals, identify the workload of every team member his/her availability for future periods.

Task Scheduler

Create & schedule Jira issues directly from the Dashboard, observe all resources and issues connected to the specific projects, and understand their success, distribute workload most pleasantly to avoid over-, or underload.

Customize how your issues appear on the timeline. Define own issue customization by Project, Status, Type, Priority, and Assignee. Don’t miss blockers or critical tasks, with your own issue custom style, you will always see the most important tasks.

App provides the internal custom events for better task management. Create bookings, placeholders, personal notes, and other events for advanced resource planning.

Capacity Planning for Equipment

ActivityTimeline supports non-human resources management in Jira and makes the whole planning process for both people and machines effortless. Manage your material resources with ease: goods, equipment, properties.

Manage human resources along with the material resources and track all of the workflows with the help of a special Planning Dashboard with Timelines.

Track the worked hours of your material resources. Simply choose the team, time frames, and receive a complete timesheet.

Team Management

Management of multiple teams should not be a struggle, so ActivityTimeline delivers extensive visualization in order to help to manage your teams effectively.

Get a comprehensive picture of team undertakings, in a combination with clear visibility across projects. Keep track of related tasks and teams, projects progress, and updates with ease.

Keep an eye on the total workload/availability of the team on different levels with a help of workload indicators and reports.

Plan & Track Dashboard for Jira

Multiple Planning & Tracking Dashboards allow you to save your favourite configurations for quick access. It’s very comfortable to  manage multiple teams and projects, as it provides a possibility to quickly switch between then to access to the corresponding data.

This greatly expands the capability of users to see various data on the Planning and Timesheets views with ease.

Save precious time and stay on the same page with the teammates:
ActivityTimeline - Icon Check
Pre-save your frequently used configurations of the Resource Planning Dashboard.
ActivityTimeline - Icon Check
Configure the views and then share them with specific people, teams, or user roles. 
ActivityTimeline - Icon Check
Pre-set your configurations while creating timesheet reports, and save precious time.

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ActivityTimeline provides
brilliant visibility who is doing what and when it's going to be done.
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Manuel Henrich
A good product with an outstanding support team!
We were testing both Tempo Planner and Activity Timeline intensively and at the end we went for Activity Timeline, as it is covering our core requirements out of the box.
Camila Martin
Planner fully covers the needs of my company for resource planning. Thanks for the timely updates.
Nicole Formosa
We’re completely satisfied with the ActivityTimeline app, it fills all our needs. Easy planning interface, the ability to get a complete visualization of teams’ availability is a great addition. Good job guys, thanks!
Cameron Ziafat
The London Software
Company Ltd
As a project manager I couldn't live without this. Have found it intuitive and powerful. I haven't used support much but it has been great when I have.
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