Resource Planning &
Time Tracking for Jira

Manage Team Capacity & Reported Time at any Given Moment

Trusted by 5,000+ teams

How it works

Plan. Work. Track. Report

Schedule and track Jira tasks & custom events and visualize team
workload/assignments on a timeline interface

Understand what your team is doing at any given moment, see the workload & detect scheduling conflicts.
Personal Task & Time Tracking for everyone
Easy-to-Use Timesheet report to see where your users spend time.
See the utilization of your resource, time planned for different project and if you have enough people with
needed skills to finish the project.


What our customers say

ActivityTimeline provides
brilliant visibility who is doing what and when it's going to be done.
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Manuel Henrich
A good product with an outstanding support team!
We were testing both Tempo Planner and Activity Timeline intensively and at the end we went for Activity Timeline, as it is covering our core requirements out of the box.
Camila Martin
Planner fully covers the needs of my company for resource planning. Thanks for the timely updates.
Nicole Formosa
We’re completely satisfied with the ActivityTimeline app, it fills all our needs. Easy planning interface, the ability to get a complete visualization of teams’ availability is a great addition. Good job guys, thanks!
Cameron Ziafat
The London Software
Company Ltd
As a project manager I couldn't live without this. Have found it intuitive and powerful. I haven't used support much but it has been great when I have.

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