How to Create Utilization Reports in Jira?

It doesn't matter how big or small your organization is, managing resources is an essential part of any project. Reports are a great way to track your project/team performance and identify where you can improve.

Resource utilization is one of the most important metrics you can track in your business. Every experienced PM constantly asks the following questions: “Are we wasting resources? Is our equipment running efficiently? Are we making the best use of each employee's time?”

A lot of businesses find it difficult to measure resource utilization accurately. This post will help you to understand how to measure resource utilization and will introduce you the basics of Jira reporting.

What is Resource Utilization?

Resource utilization is defined as the extent to which an organization uses its available human, and non-human resources (e.g. staff, materials, machines, etc.) to produce products and services. The term resource utilization is a broader concept that encompasses efficiency, effectiveness, and capacity.

The proper utilization of resources will help the business to grow. You need to be smart in utilizing your resources and effectively managing the human capital of your business. Resource utilization is the degree to which resources are being employed to generate revenue. In other words, it's a measure of how well the company is using its various assets, including people, to generate sales and make profits.

Resource utilization includes 2 interconnected terms: resource workload and availability. It’s impossible to manage resource utilization efficiently without availability/workload measuring.

Resource Utilization Reporting in Jira

With the tones of Jira projects & tasks and dozens of Jira teams, it is vital to collect the data to measure the overall performance. The key to success is not just about collecting the data but also about analyzing it for better insights and metrics.

Teams use Jira to streamline their workflow, collaborate better and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. Jira’s dashboards are designed to provide a clear overview of the project at a glance. But sometimes it is easy to miss important details, so you may try different options to keep things in stride. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for every organization, but Jira provides flexibility to the users to choose from a variety of methods. Users can try different Jira reporting facilities, as well as planning/reporting add-ons for Jira.

Jira reporting capabilities are quite diverse, but Jira mainly concentrates on projects and tasks, and when it comes to comprehensive Jira resource management we find out that we lack some capabilities. That's why Jira provides a great variety of Jira reporting plugins.

ActivityTimeline Resource Reports

ActivityTimeline is a resource management add-on for Jira, and one of the most popular Jira reporting plugins. It comes with great reporting abilities that allow monitoring team performance, creating reports, and getting insights out of data.

The app is fully synchronized with Jira so all of the data is reflected on the special planning dashboard that shows current projects with tasks, allows getting a cross-project view for shared resources, creating timesheets and reports.
Users can create numerous reports based on information from Jira and ActivityTimeline:
The app provides a special Resource Utilization Report that helps to assess and plan the teams' workload. This, in turn, helps you to avoid overworked employees as well as prevents from work under load. Create meaningful reports in a few clicks. Just choose the needed values and enjoy the view:
The report is available on both team and individual levels to see the total available and used capacity:
The real-time resource availability reporting will make your resource planning effortless. With the help of the Resource Availability Report, you can determine how much of each resource you have available to go into new projects and how much will be required to support current work:
This report also shows the total teams' availability:
Jira reporting can be effortless with the right tools. Get a clear picture of the resource capacity with the help of the ActivityTimeline resource reports. In order to get acquainted with ActivityTimeline deeper Schedule a Demo or Start a Free Trial on the Atlassian Marketplace!
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