How advanced Jira reports can help you

Intuitive configuration  
Get easy-to-understand reports in Jira for every use case without the need for in-depth analysis.
A wide range of reports  
Access a large selection of reports in the template library that provide accurate data without requiring technical expertise.
Effortless data handling
Seamlessly export all reports as Excel files for easy sharing and further analysis.

Transform Your Data with Custom Jira Reports

Forecasting & Resource Utilization Reports

Avoid work overload with Resource Utilization Report, understand the users' availability with the Person Availability Report, visualize team utilization with Pie Chart, and try many other reports to ease your reporting in Jira.

Forecasting & Resource Utilization Reports
Tracking Reports

Tracking Reports

These reports can be used to analyze the team's performance and identify improvement areas. For example, Project Progress Report for tracking the progression of projects against planned timelines or Planned vs. Actual Report for comparison between planned tasks and actual outcomes.

Leave & Event Reports

This report offers a comprehensive overview of all vacation-related events, including sick leaves, vacations, days off, and partial days off, for each team member. Providing these insights facilitates proactive planning, ensures a balanced workload, and helps to prevent staff burnout.

Leave & Event Reports
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