Jira Pie Chart Report: How to Explore Team Utilization?

April 29, 2024

Team utilization refers to the efficient allocation and utilization of resources within a team to achieve organizational goals.

Team utilization refers to the efficient allocation and utilization of resources within a team to achieve organizational goals. It is crucial for project success and overall organizational efficiency and ensures that resources are allocated optimally, tasks are distributed evenly, and bottlenecks are identified and addressed promptly.

With the right tools, you can observe your resources' workload and utilization effortlessly. Here's where the Jira Pie Chart Report comes in handy.

Reports and Charts in Jira

Reports and Charts in Jira offer visual representations of project data, enabling stakeholders to gain valuable insights at a glance. From burndown charts tracking sprint progress to pie charts showcasing issue distribution, these tools empower teams to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Users can locate them within Jira Reports or integrate them into the Jira Dashboards. Let's observe a couple of categories of pie charts in Jira.

Workload Pie Chart Report

This chart report aggregates data from Jira tasks, categorizing them based on assignees and status. You can create a pie chart with just a few clicks. Interactive filters enable users to customize the report according to specific criteria such as original estimate, current estimate, or time spent.

Workload Pie Chart Report in Jira

Users can also simply add a Workload Pie Chart Gadget to their Jira dashboards.

Workload Pie Chart Report Gadget in Jira Dashboard

Pie Chart Report  

Among other Jira custom charts, we can name a Pie Chart Report. The report exhibits project or filter issues, sorted by a selected criterion. This functionality offers a rapid glimpse into issue distribution, improving clarity and comprehension.

Jira Pie Chart Report

Jira users who want to discover more efficient reports and advanced charts can try Jira plugins, such as ActivityTimeline, available in the Atlassian Marketplace for Cloud/Data Center.

ActivityTimeline Resource Reports

ActivityTimeline is a resource management and tracking tool, that offers resource capacity planning features, timesheets, and numerous comprehensive reports.

There are several chart reports presented in the app. Today we'll focus on the Team Utilization Chart.

ActivityTimeline Resource Charts

Team Utilization Pie Chart: Key Points

It's very easy to understand team utilization with this pie chart. It provides insights into the distribution of resources across multiple projects, allowing managers to identify bottlenecks, optimize resource allocation, and make sure that every project is on track. With its intuitive interface and customizable parameters, the chart offers a holistic view of project dynamics, empowering teams to make informed decisions and drive productivity.

Featuring capabilities to examine both historical and future data, this chart assists managers and teams in reviewing past allocations and strategizing for forthcoming tasks with efficiency.

Team Utilization Pie Chart in ActivityTimeline

The color-coded visualization enhances readability, making it easy to identify resource distribution patterns at a glance.

The chart comprises two primary elements:

  1. Past Time Allocation: This segment illustrates the team's time distribution across various projects during a completed period, utilizing logged work hours, bookings, and imported calendar events.
  2. Future Time Allocation: This portion forecasts the team's time allocation for an upcoming period, based on estimates, bookings, placeholders, and imported calendar events.
ActivityTimeline Team Utilization Chart Explanation

This report shows team time allocation for the future period.

For the reported period, this team is scheduled for 34 hours, from which almost 58% will be spent on the A Project, making it by far the most important project of this team.

Let's explore the chart setup choices:

ActivityTimeline Team Utilization Pie Chart Settings
  1. Reporting Scope: This setting decides whether to utilize Worklogs (Past) or Estimates (Future) for calculations.
  2. Team Selection: Choose the team whose time distribution you wish to view.
  3. Period Selection: Toggle between predefined periods for the past or future, or opt for a flexible period.
  4. Detailing Options: Aggregate data by Jira project or epic.
Utilization Pie Chart Generation in ActivityTimeline

You can also include a Jira Saved Filter in the report.


Reports and Charts in Jira are invaluable tools for modern project management, offering insights, transparency, and agility to teams across industries. ActivityTimeline's Team Utilization Pie Chart offers a valuable visual representation of team workloads, benefiting both Project Managers and stakeholders.

By integrating appropriate tools and reports into your workflow, you can optimize your team's performance, propelling your organization toward success.


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