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ActivityTimeline is a Capacity planning & Time tracking app for Jira app. See how you can use it to understand the capacity and get overview across your resources.

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Jira Resource Management with Ease

Discover the best features for advanced resource planning, timesheet tracking, and reporting.

Easily create schedules for your team & see who is doing what and when it will be done at any point in time.
Empower your users to manage their schedule, see tasks from different projects in one place & report spent time with ease.
Customizable timesheet reports to track logged hours easily allow you to tell where the time was spent by your resources.
Capacity & Utilization reports for Teams, Projects, Positions & Skills provide hints into future resource
constraints, so you could be better prepared.

Jira Resource Utilization Tracking

Resource utilization tracking involves controlling resource usage in order to identify trends and proactively manage future resource needs.

Your team is your greatest asset. Track your teams' workload in order to prevent work under- or overload.
Workload indicators help to distribute tasks equally
Understand the workload of each employee or of the whole team
Resource Utilization Report shows if resources are used efficiently

Timesheet Tracking for Jira

Tracking time on projects is one of the best ways to improve work performance and efficiency. Forget about Excel Timesheets and collect time spent data directly from Jira. ActivityTimeline facilitates the time tracking process and gives detailed information about worked hours.
Track time just in a few clicks
Different timesheet reports to cover all use cases
Group the time spent by project, component, issue type, etc.
Generate Billable vs. Non-billable hours
Customize Detailed timesheets with additional fields from Jira

Advanced Team Planning

Plan on different levels within the short- and long-term periods. Timelines provide a comprehensive picture of the workflows, resource workload, and deadlines.

Enjoy a high-level Jira team management. With help of the Team Panel users receive planning & scheduling flexibility as well as a high-quality visualization of all processes at all stages.

Switch between personal and team views, or combine them for deeper work insights. Assign tasks to the whole team, establish new objectives, and track them on global and detailed levels.

Admin Guide

A comprehensive document for people that manage your ActivityTimeline instance.

User Guide

All important features needed for successful Jira capacity planning, time tracking & reporting in a single manual.


Detailed documentation about use cases, our API, Quick Start Guide and much more.

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