How it Works

  • Jira Issues are movable & resizable blue bars

  • 1. Drag'n'Drop issue to assign it to a person

    Every issue/item is draggable

    Drag'n'drop it from one person to another to reassign

    The new assignee will be immediately updated in Jira

  • 2. Move issue to change planned start date

    the new start date will be immediately updated in Jira

  • 3. Resize issue to change planned end date

    the new end date will be immediately updated in Jira

  • 4. Click on a cell to create a custom item

    add a note;

    enter day off, sick leave or vacation;

    define holidays;

    book someone's time for a future project during a specific period;

    create a placeholder for a Jira task;

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Setup & Use Workflow

  • 1. ActivityTimeline сonnects to Jira instance

    Uses Jira API

    Uses REST over HTTP/HTTPS protocol

  • 2. Gets the list of issues

    Loads several thousands of last issues

    Builds search indices

  • 3. Shows calendar per each person

    One week/month/year period

    People are grouped by teams

    One person - one row on the dashboard

  • 4. Scheduled Jira issue gets planned start and end dates

    Start/end dates can be mapped to Jira custom fields

    One column corresponds to one day of a week or week of a month or month of a year

  • 5. Issues are positioned in calendar based on three things:

    Issue assignee

    Issue planned start date

    Issue planned end date

  • 6. Brilliant visibility who is doing what and when it's going to be done

    View entire team on one screen during the whole work week

    Keep an eye on all tasks currently in progress

Workload & Availability Indicator

  • Workload Indicator displays how many hours are allocated per each person per each work day based on remaining estimate of scheduled Jira issues.

    Availability Indicator displays how many hours each person has still available per each work day based on currently scheduled Jira issues.

    In addition, it displays week summary of allocated hours per every person.

    Different colors indicate the "workload" of a day:

    • Grey (0 hours - nothing scheduled)
    • Yellow (significant underload)
    • Dark green (underload)
    • Green (nominal workload)
    • Light red (slightly overloaded)
    • Red (overloaded)
    • Blue (vacation, day off, sick leave or holiday)
    • Purple (vacation with scheduled work conflict)

Milestones Panel

  • Milestones Panel displays unresolved Jira issues based on a Due Date field.

    In addition, you may add your own custom milestones onto this panel. There are five custom milestone types available: general milestone, event, release, delivery and deadline.

    There is no drag'n'drop on Milestones Panel as it does not deal with start/end dates.

    "Team Filter On/Team Filter Off" determines whenever the panel shows all Jira issues or issues assigned to current team only. Custom milestone events are always visible.

    "Switch View" switches Milestones Panel between weekly and monthly views.


  • Planning reports
    • Person Workload Report
    • Team Detailed/Summary Report
    • Project Detailed/Summary Report
    • Excel Timeline Report
    • Skill availability report
    • Skill/Level availability report
    • Person availability report
    • Team availability report
    • Position availability report
  • Timesheet reports
    • Team Summary Worklog Report
    • Team Detailed by Project Worklog Report
    • Team Detailed by Issue Worklog Report
    • Detailed Worklog Report
  • Tracking reports
    • Issues progress Report
    • Vacation Report

Administrator Guide

An up to date ActivityTimeline Administrator Guide document is available at:

User Guide

An up to date ActivityTimeline User Guide document is available at:

Help Portal

ActivityTimeline Help Portal with FAQ and complete online User/Admin Guides:

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  • Frequently asked questions

    Does ActivityTimeline work with Jira Cloud?

    Yes, ActivityTimeline works with Jira Server, Data Center and Cloud.

    Is it possible to request an online demo?

    Yes, we are happy to walk you through ActivityTimeline Dashboard functionality:   Schedule a demo session

    Will ActivityTimeline update dashboard if I change something in Jira?

    Yes, synchronization is two-ways.

    How issue start/end dates are saved into Jira?

    Planned start/end dates are stored into Jira custom fields if configured or into internal database > Instruction

    Can I upgrade my license in future?

    Yes, you can upgrade your license any time.

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