How to setup Jira Custom Fields for issue planned start/end dates

  • Log in as Administrator into Jira;
  • Click Administration -> Issues -> Custom Fields -> Add Custom Field;
  • Select 'Date Picker' as custom field type then click 'Next' button;
  • Choose a name like "Planned Start Date" then click 'Create' button;
  • Associate that field with ALL screens: Select all screens then click 'Update' button;
  • Perform the same operation for the second custom field: "Planned End Date".
  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure "Planned Start Date" and "Planned End Date" custom fields are optional in Jira Field Configuration page. Otherwise, you will not be able to unschedule Jira tasks.

How to map ActivityTimeline's start/end dates to Jira custom fields

Option 1. Use Setup Wizard: Map custom fields in ActivityTimeline's Setup Wizard

  • Make sure you have Jira custom fields for Planned Start/End dates already created (Date Picker type);
  • Open ActivityTimeline Setup Wizard: Dashboard -> Jira Configuration -> Setup Wizard menu;
  • Go to 4th step of Setup Wizard;
  • Select Jira custom fields for issue's 'Planned Start Date' and 'Planned End Date' from drop downs;
  • Click 'NEXT' button;
  • That's it.

Option 2. Without Setup Wizard

  • Make sure you have Jira custom fields for Planned Start/End dates already created (Date Picker type);
  • Click 'Configuration' white cog icon at the top/right corner of the main Dashboard screen;
  • Click 'Edit' button;
  • Select 'Planned Start Date' and 'Planned End Date' Jira custom fields from drop down menus;
  • Click 'Update' button;
  • Click on 'Issues' menu and perform 'Full Synchronization' to load new issues data (if planned start/end date custom fields have values in Jira);
  • Previously set start/end dates of the Jira issues might be reset in ActivityTimeline after sync.
  • That's it.


ActivityTimeline shows custom field update error on issue drag'n'drop

  • Problem: You see the following error message when updating (scheduling) issues on ActivityTimeline dashboard:

    ERROR updating ABC-1234 issue. {"customfield_10010":"Field 'customfield_10010' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.", "customfield_10011":"Field 'customfield_10011' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown."}
  • Solution: Verify that Planned Start/End Date custom fields are added to Jira Issue Edit Screen of every Jira Project managed on ActivityTimeline dashboard as stated here
  •   If there are other fields listed like assignee or duedate then they should be added to the screens as well.
  •   Basically, if the same user logs into Jira then he/she should be able to edit (change values) of all those fields (Planned Start Date, Planned End Date, Assignee and Due Date).

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  • Frequently asked questions

    Does ActivityTimeline work with Jira Cloud?

    Yes, ActivityTimeline works with both Jira Server and Jira Cloud.

    Is there any fee if I want to cancel my subscription?

    There is no fee to cancel your subscription. You may cancel anytime.

    Will ActivityTimeline update dashboard if I change something in Jira?

    Yes, synchronization is two-ways.

    How issue start/end dates are saved into Jira?

    Planned start/end dates are stored into Jira custom fields if configured or into internal database.

    Can I upgrade my license in future?

    Yes, you can upgrade your license any time.

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