Issue Style Customization

One of the useful features of the Activity Timeline is the ability to customize how your issues appear on the timeline. You may find it in the settings of the application and configure it due to your preferences.

We want to share with you an idea of how you can use this feature in the working environment.

First of all, navigate to Settings > Issues > Issue Customization > click on Add custom style.

As you can see, users may define their own issue customization by Project, Status, Type, Priority, and Assignee.

For example, we will customize issues due to their priority, because it’s easy to miss blockers or critical tasks in the tones of the issues on the Main Dashboard. With your own issue custom style, you will always see the most important tasks.

  1. Choose a preferable value ( in our case – priority)
  2. Then select styles – background and text color. We will choose a red background color for the blockers, in order to see them immediately on the Timeline.
  3. The next step is choosing the font style.
  4. Apply your custom style.

It’s also useful when there is a need to see the status of the tasks, for example, whether they’re Backlog, In Progress, Done, etc. Users can also configure the preferable issue appearance and it will be reflected on the Timeline in the following way:

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