Best Time Tracking apps for Jira

May 3, 2022

Jira is a top project management tool, designed to cater to all of your project needs. One of the best aspects of Jira is the plethora of third-party apps that enhance the software’s functionality in many ways, so you could do resource planning, automations, and time tracking for Jira with ease.

Jira is a top project management tool, designed to cater to all of your project needs from start to finish. Yet one of the best aspects of the Jira software isn’t a specific feature, but the plethora of third-party integrations that enhance the software’s functionality in many ways. 

One of the best compliments to the project management software is the ability to track time effectively. Time-tracking is one of the best ways to measure progress on a project, since it provides employers with an accurate metric to evaluate individual performance. It can also be used to calculate payroll with a high degree of accuracy, as you’ll know just how many hours each employee is dedicated to work-related tasks.

This guide will explore the best five time tracking apps that work with Jira, so by the end you should be able to make an informed decision as to which time-tracker will work best for your business needs.

Top 5 Jira Time Tracking Apps


First up on the list is Jira integration ActivityTimeline, a complete time-tracking tool with resource planning capabilities. ActivityTimeline is an excellent tool for staying on top of two of your most valuable assets: human resources and time. 

ActivityTimelin as a time tracking app for Jira

While the resource planning features allow you to manage, allocate, and measure the impact of your human resources on a project-by-project basis, the time-tracking functionality lets you monitor how your employees spend their work hours. As such, the features lend themselves to a mutually beneficial arrangement. You can track how employees spend their time to ensure they don’t overstretch, while simultaneously managing what they work on to guarantee you get the best out of them each day.

Diving deeper into the time-tracking functionality of ActivityTimeline, here are some of the features and how they can help you wrestle back control of company time:

Timesheet reports

Most businesses rely on timesheets to fill out the payroll accurately, and make sure that an hour worked is an hour paid. With ActivityTimeline, you can quickly and easily generate timesheets according to the time data you collect. 

timesheet reports

Within every timesheet you’ll have access to filters allowing you to view team, project, or individual time data.

Data management

Another core feature of ActivityTimeline is data management. With data grouping, you can create a clear picture of how different teams, departments, or individuals are performing in real time. This allows you to shuffle resources around if necessary.

timesheets in jira

Track billable and non-billable hours

It’s equally important to track non-billable hours when you use a time-tracker, since you want to account for sick days, vacation days, and other non-working days. According to your company policies, you can adjust the data to reflect what every individual did on every day of the year, regardless if they were in the office or somewhere else.

Time tracking reports in Jira from ActivityTimeline

Time in Status

Time in Status is a useful time-tracker for keeping stakeholders in the loop at all times. If there’s a lot of people with a vested interest in how you’re progressing with various projects, then you need a system in place to allow for full transparency. Time in Status provides just that, and much more besides.

Track time in Jira with statuses

Time in Status is a highly-rated Jira app that lets users quickly identify bottlenecks in their workflows, use multiple reports to present time data, and measure performance according to a range of useful metrics.

This is an app that’s especially useful for tracking time across different contexts. With it, you can build a complete picture of how time is being used across your company, with data groupings under categories such as issue age, lead time, and cycle time. 


Planyway is primarily a resource planning tool, similar to ActivityTimeline, but it also provides users access to a variety of time-tracking features. The app’s main strength is in plotting out timelines with a multi-project view and project management functionality, but you can also use it to track time on tasks and project undertakings in Jira.

Time-tracking with Planyway works with both list and calendar views, and easily syncs up with your Jira worklogs. You can filter by the individual team member, and export to both Excel and CSV formats for readable reports.

Tempo Timesheets

Tempo Timesheets has been Jira’s staple time-tracking app for a while, and it’s easy to see why. This app features a comprehensive set of features designed to make time-tracking in your company a breeze.

tempo timesheets for Jira

Standout features include automatic time-tracking compatible with Jira projects, automated report generation based on time data gathered, and Google and Microsoft calendar integration. This is a tool that allows you to reliably build a detailed picture of everything going on in your company, and best of all, you don’t have to remember to clock in as the app takes care of time-tracking for you automatically.

Time Tracker for Jira  

Time Tracker for Jira is a straightforward time-tracking tool that’s easy to use and creates smart reports for senior management to digest. With this time tracker you can group and filter all of your timesheet reports, export the data into convenient formats such as PDF, XLS, and CSV, and track time on a user-by-user basis factoring in personal preferences.

If you’re looking for a simple time-tracking tool that you can use alongside Jira to keep everyone in your company accountable for how they spend their time, this is arguably your best option. To say it’s simple, though, doesn’t mean that it lacks features. 

The ability to filter how you track time according to context such as issue, worklog, and project makes it easy to build reports for individual and company needs. Whereas the accurate, and easily exportable reports, give you a solid foundation to build education predictions and forecasts from. 

This is a tool for introducing time-tracking into your company’s work environment without disrupting the flow or spending additional time learning the ins and outs of complicated new software.

Final Words

Jira is fortunate to be backed by many stellar third-party apps, which add a lot of extra features and functionality to the already outstanding software platform. With the addition of a time-tracking tool like those outlined in this guide, Jira can become your digital HQ, through which you conduct your business effectively. 


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