Jira Project Timelines: A Comprehensive Guide

August 3, 2023

In project management, effective planning, collaboration, and project progress tracking are crucial for successful project delivery. Among the many tools available today, Jira stands out as a popular project management service for collaboration and tracking.

In project management, effective planning, collaboration, and project progress tracking are crucial for successful project delivery. Among the many tools available today, Jira stands out as a popular project management service for collaboration and tracking. Its versatility and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for scrum teams, and businesses looking to streamline their business projects and reach project goals as Jira perfectly helps to deal with advanced and basic project planning.

In this guide, we will delve into the concept of Jira project timelines and their features.

Understanding Jira Project Timelines

Effective project planning lays the foundation for project success. With Jira, project planning becomes streamlined and more accessible. Teams can break down complex projects into smaller tasks, set priorities, and allocate resources judiciously. By defining clear objectives and deliverables, project planning in Jira becomes more efficient and goal-oriented. Additionally, Jira's collaboration features facilitate seamless communication among team members, enhancing the overall planning process.

What are Jira Project Timelines?

Jira project management timeline serves as a graphical depiction of project tasks, milestones, and timeframes. It enables project managers to allocate resources effectively and establish practical deadlines for activities. This timeline acts as a point of reference for the entire team, ensuring that everyone remains informed about the project's advancement and upcoming deadlines. Using Jira for project timelines allows project managers to address risks, recognize possible obstacles, and maintain a transparent view of the project's path.

Jira provides a basic timeline view, where you can find timelines with project activities (for a single project) for a week/month/quarter, issue duration, and some filters to apply.

Jira Project Timelines

Key Features of Jira Project Timelines  

User-Friendly Project Planning

Jira boasts an intuitive interface, making it effortless for project managers to create and visualize project plans. The drag-and-drop functionality allows easy adjustments while mapping dependencies ensures a seamless flow of the project.

Tailored Workflows

Jira's flexibility allows teams to customize project workflows according to their unique needs. By defining custom workflows, repetitive tasks can be automated, processes streamlined, and overall project efficiency improved.

Real-Time Collaboration

Collaboration is key to successful project management, and Jira facilitates it with real-time collaboration features. Teams can work together seamlessly, share updates, and resolve issues promptly, fostering transparency and accountability.

Effective Issue Tracking

Jira's robust issue-tracking system empowers teams to log, prioritize, and resolve project-related issues effectively. This ensures nothing falls through the cracks and helps keep projects on track.

Visualizing Project Roadmaps

The roadmap visualization feature in Jira Project Timelines provides stakeholders with a clear, high-level overview of project progress and upcoming milestones.

Jira Software users can gain timeline view and roadmaps for company-managed and team-managed projects with the help of the Advanced Roadmaps that are only available for those who have Jira Software Premium and Enterprise.

Customizing Jira Project Timelines

For those, who want to improve project timeline Jira management, adjust timeline display options, tailor the view according to their specific preferences, and create custom timeline views, focusing on specific projects, teams, or team members, Jira offers various add-ons.

Atlassian Marketplace offers plenty of third-party add-ons that extend Jira functionality with powerful features. You can try tools related to timelines, project & resource management like ActivityTimeline, that align with your requirements.

How to Create a Project Timeline in Jira with ActivityTimeline?

ActivityTimeline is a resource and cross-project planning tool that helps to track projects, project tasks, and resources with the help of individual and team timelines. A resource Planning Dashboard contains individual & team timelines with team/individual issues and projects with tasks. Users can assign tasks with a simple drag-n-drop feature directly on the timelines, or create new Jira issues, the app is fully synchronized with Jira and vice versa.

Dashboard provides a calendar view, so you can choose different time scales, manage long-term projects and plan future project milestones.

ActivityTimeline Planning Dashboard

In the Left Panel, you can find a list of all of the current projects:

Projects in ActivityTimeline

Best Practices for Creating Project Timelines in Jira

Start with a Detailed Project Scope

Before creating a timeline, ensure you have a detailed project scope that outlines the project's objectives, deliverables, and requirements. A clear understanding of the project scope will help you define the timeline's structure accurately.

You can plan not only for individual users but also plan long-term tasks and objectives for the entire team.

ActivityTimeline Team Timelines

You can also effortlessly estimate tasks in ActivityTimeline:

Task Estimation in ActivityTimeline

Define Clear Milestones and Deliverables

Break down the project into phases and identify critical milestones and deliverables for each phase. Clear milestones act as progress markers and help teams stay on track.

ActivityTimeline offers a special Milestones Panel to track important events, releases, and deadlines of projects:

ActivityTimeline Milestones Panel

Monitor Workload Distribution

Keep a balance in workload distribution among team members. Avoid overloading certain individuals while others have minimal responsibilities.

ActivityTimeline’s user and team timelines also contain Unique Workload Indicators showing the current workload: if the indicator is green the workload is ok, if red - the user is overloaded, if yellow- underloaded.

Workload Planning in ActivityTimeline

Monitor Progress Regularly

Keep a close eye on the project's progress by regularly reviewing and updating the timeline. Address any deviations or potential delays promptly to mitigate risks.

The app provides Special Filters, so it’s easy to track separate projects. Just choose the needed one, as well as other data that you want to see, and apply them to timelines:

The other great option to monitor time spent on projects and their progress is Timesheets. The app has a dedicated timesheet module with Timeline Team Timesheets, where you can generate project timesheets and understand how much time employees spent on projects:

Timeline Team Timesheets in ActivityTimeline

Try various timesheet templates, and sort your project timesheets by the user, to understand who spent on the project:

Project Timesheets in ActivityTimeline

Or sort by issues, to see how much time took each task within the project within a given period:

Sort Project Timesheets by Issues in ActivityTimeline

You can sort project timesheets even by epics:

Sort Project Timesheets by Epics in ActivityTimeline

If you need to get more detailed insights into the project, try Detailed Team Timesheets to dive deeper. By the way, ActivityTiimeline supports billable&non-billable hours, as well as other worklog types, so you can see them in this timesheet report:

Detailed Project Timesheets in ActivityTimeline

Reports are also very important during the monitoring process. The app offers various reports of your choice:

Reports in ActivityTimeline

For example, a Project Resources Report will show you how resources are scheduled per project for a given period:

Detailed Project Resources Report in ActivityTimeline

All of the reports and timesheets can be exported as an Excel file.


In conclusion, the Jira timeline is a great option for optimizing your project management process, fostering collaboration, and achieving successful project outcomes. With advanced timeline planning, efficient project planning, well-defined project goals, and effective progress tracking, organizations can achieve their project objectives effectively.

Embrace the customization possibilities of Jira add-ons that help to find the best way to display project plan timelines in Jira and experiment with various features to discover the perfect fit for your organization. As you become more proficient, you'll unlock Jira's full potential and experience smoother, more streamlined project management.


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