Welcome to Saved Dashboards in Our New Release!

Our team is happy to announce our latest feature, which we are sure will be a welcome addition to all of our loyal users. We’re introducing a new concept into the world of ActivityTimeline called – Saved Dashboards. Saved Dashboards allow you to save your favorite configurations for quick access. Whether you’re using them for your everyday business, resource planning, or team management, this feature is an excellent way to save time and get more out of our software. This new feature will greatly expand the capability of users to see various data on the Planning and Timesheets views with ease. We want to highlight some of the benefits of Saved Dashboards, explain how they work, and provide some tips for getting started.

Saved Dashboards: Plan Module

Essentially, what you can do now is to pre-save your frequently used configurations for the Plan View.

Moreover, as a manager or admin, you can configure the views and then share them with specific people, teams, or user roles. This allows to quickly configure the system & share the information, so everybody is on the same page and see the same information:

It’s very comfortable while managing multiple teams and projects, for big enterprises and small companies, as it provides quick access to the needed data.

Choose preferable values – Filters on the Left Panel, selected Teams, Timeframes, Workload Indicator Mode, internal Grouping & Sorting, Team Panel Configurations, and create a new dashboard.

It saves time and effort, don’t perform these time consuming operations no more, just set up all configurations once and enjoy the view.

The workflow for saving dashboards is pretty simple:

  1. Configure the view you’d like to see: Filters, Teams, Score, etc.
  2. Click “Save Configuration As” & Choose the name for the dashboard
  3. ‎Now you can switch between pre-saved configurations just with two clicks!

Let’s take an example of an international company with worldwide offices, which leads dozens of projects. The day-to-day operations are quite changeful, so Managers need always to keep their hands on the workflow pulse, high priority tasks, and blockers to avoid possible delays. In this case, saved dashboards are essential, as the Manager can configure presets for each of the international offices and notice potential threats in few clicks:

After that, the Manager can reach the assignees and draw their attention to the main tasks and priorities.

Saved Dashboards: Track Module

This powerful feature is also available in the Timesheeting Module. Pre-set your configurations while creating timesheets, and save precious time. Choose the needed Filters & Group on the Left Panel, Report Type, Reporting Period and Reporting Units: Days/Weeks/Months:

Also, please note that previously saved Favorite Timesheets (if any) will be replaced with Saved Dashboards for Track view.

Our team always accepts the needs and wishes of our clients in order to provide the best support and maintain a high customer satisfaction rate. We will do our best to represent new useful features and develop our apps in a way that will make our customers happy to work with us!

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