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Full overview
Does the absence of visualization leave you in the dark about the project's progress? Get a timeline-based overview of workloads across teams and advance your timeline planning in Jira.
ActivityTimeline makes the process more fun and visually appealing which encourages team members to be involved in the project.
Pinpoint bottlenecks and areas where productivity can be improved. Dashboard provides a calendar view, so you can manage long-term projects, and plan future project milestones.

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Discover how to use Activity Timeline for time tracking in Jira


Begin with a detailed scope

Before you know how to create a timeline in Jira, make sure you've nailed down the project's goals and all the requirements. Doing this helps generate User/Team Timelines and a full list of tasks linked to your Jira projects. The best part? Any changes you make in ActivityTimeline or Jira instantly sync up, keeping all your data consistent and up-to-date.

Begin with a detailed scope

Take all advantages of the Timeline planner

The dashboard operates on a straightforward drag-and-drop concept. Assign or split tasks to team members directly from the ActivityTimeline. As well as add internal custom events such as vacations, days off, sick leaves, and more, which are not present in Jira timeline.

Take all advantages of the Timeline

Monitor workload on Team timeline

This solution streamlines long-term planning, pick the timeframes that suit you, whether it's months or quarters. Also, keep an eye on the Team Panel to see how much work each team has, ensuring everyone's workload stays balanced and things run smoothly.

Monitor workload on Team timeline

Monitor workload on Individual timeline

Personal workspace for each employee helps to gain a clear overview of their tasks, projects, and personal calendar. The visualization charts also depict workload and availability for the chosen timeframe.

Monitor workload on Individual timeline

Review progress regularly

The app makes it simple to keep track of multiple projects using Special Filters. With timesheet timelines, you can easily keep tabs on how much time you spend on specific tasks and projects.

Review progress regularly

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What Sets Us Apart?

Workload Indicator
Each user gets color-coded indicators — yellow for lighter loads, red for heavy workloads, and green for balanced tasks. These indicators auto-update when tasks are scheduled, ensuring everyone's workload is easily managed!
Internal Custom Events
Unlock ActivityTimeline's Custom Event: from Vacations and Days-off to Sick Leaves, Bookings, and Placeholders — plan easily. These tailored events are a game-changer for managing holidays and planning workloads effectively.
Time Tracking
Save valuable time by logging work hours directly from the dashboard! Enjoy substantial time-saving advantages with this streamlined process.
Multiple Assignees for a Single Task
Seamlessly split tasks among assignees by simply holding the 'Shift' button. Experience efficient resource allocation at your fingertips.
Timeline Team Timesheets
Generate project timesheets and understand how much time employees spend on projects. All of the reports and timesheets can be exported as an Excel file.
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