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Explore the possibilities to do resource planning, capacity management,
time tracking and resource utilization reporting features of ActivityTimeline app for Jira

Plan Features

ActivityTimeline Dashboard

Activity Dashboard

Quick and efficient representation of scheduled tasks per each person in every specific week.Every row corresponds to one person of selected team, every column is one working day of the week:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.Blue bars are Jira issues scheduled to specific days.

ActivityTimeline Workload Indicator

Workload Indicator

Workload Indicator displays how many hours are allocated per each person per each work day based on remaining estimate of scheduled Jira issues. In addition, it displays week summary of allocated hours per every person.Different color indicates workload in hours of a day.

ActivityTimeline Workload Indicator

Task Estimates at hand

View estimates directly on the dashboard. Small light green box will indicate the estimate of how much time is remaining
for the task to be finished.Overdue tasks are marked in red color.It represents Jira's "Remaining Estimate" field.

ActivityTimeline Drag'n'Drop Interface

Drag'n'Drop Interface

Assign, schedule, estimate tasks simply by dragging/resizing blue bars around the screen.

ActivityTimeline Different scopes/scroll scopes

Different scopes/scroll scopes

Switch back&forth between Long and
Short term planning easily.Scroll through whole periods (Month/Quarter) using special views.

ActivityTimeline Milestones Panel

Milestones Panel

Define projects' milestones, sprints, deadlines etc. View Jira issues based on a Due Date field and add your own milestones on that panel.Filter Milestones Panel events by team with a single click. Milestones panel is located above the regular schedule.

ActivityTimeline Work with teams not individuals

Work with teams not individuals

Filter issues by teams, configure multiple dashboards per different teams. One person can belong to multiple teams.

ActivityTimeline Quick Issue Search

Quick Issue Search

Start typing issue key or any word from issue title and get results immediately. Search results are sorted by relevance so that the system is trying to show most relevant issues on top.

ActivityTimeline Filter/Groups/Sort


Manage your backlog through filtering/grouping them by numerous criteria.Use your saved Jira filters as well as your Boards and Sprints.

ActivityTimeline Group Issues with single click

Group Issues with single click

One click and already filtered issues are getting grouped by project/priority/status/release or assignee.

ActivityTimeline Use Native Jira Filters or JQL

Use Native Jira Filters or JQL

Confugure any filter in Jira, make it as one of your favorites and use it in ActivityTimeline's issues panel.

ActivityTimeline Quick Access to Jira interface

Quick Access to Jira interface

Left mouse click on any blue issue box will open standard Jira issue dialog in AJAX popup frame. Middle mouse button click
(or left click with Ctrl key hold) - will open issue in a new web browser tab or window.

ActivityTimeline Color Coding

Color Coding

Visually differentiate/highlight tasks that need attention from the regular ones.For example, you may use Red color to highlight all tasks that need an immediate follow up.

ActivityTimeline Advance Planning

Advance Planning

Switch working week by just one click. Schedule tasks for next weeks or months
in advance. Book resource's time for some particular task in advance

ActivityTimeline Informative Feedback

Informative Feedback

Every action accompanying a notification that shows if action is performed or failed.

ActivityTimeline Auto issue scheduler

Auto issue scheduler

Let the system automatically schedule (plan) Jira tasks you choose for optimal workload.You could choose which tasks you would like to auto-schedule: all assigned to a team/person or the filtered ones.The system can even schedule Placeholders instead of real Jira tasks so you can review and approve them later on.

ActivityTimeline Placeholders for tasks

Placeholders for tasks

Don't want Jira to send a lot of email notification while you are planning different scheduling scenarios?
Use placeholders for Jira tickets and replace them with actual Jira tasks when the plan is settled.Create Placeholder for an issue by drag'n'drop it with Ctrl/Command key hold.

ActivityTimeline Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Vacations, Bookings and Placeholders support approval workflow.One user can create them but the other with Admin/Power User permissions should approve it.

ActivityTimeline Tracking of Estimates

Tracking of Estimates

Quickly see if a task is on track, overestimated or underestimated.
Generate Issue estimates tracking report when needed.

ActivityTimeline Track blocked issues

Track blocked issues

Get visual display of blocked issues with a red text color.Do not schedule conflicting issues and always stay on track with the overall project.

Personal Planning Features

Timesheets Features

ActivityTimeline Progress Timesheet report

Progress Timesheet report

Track how your team logs hours and if everything is according to schedule.Extremely easy to see and understand, who forgot to log his work.

ActivityTimeline Worklog approval

Worklog approval

Approve users' worklogs just in one click! You can also perform bulk operations for the whole team at once and save your time from opening each and every worklog record

ActivityTimeline Data grouping

Data grouping

Generate aggregated reports, grouped by chosen criteria.Get a clear picture of the situation for individual projects/assignees/ issues.

Report Features

ActivityTimeline Workload Report

Workload Report

Generate an HTML or MS Excel report based on scheduled tasks to see planned workload for teams and individuals.The system uses "Remaining Time Estimate" field to calculate the workload. In addition, an enhanced project level workload report is available in both HTML and Excel formats.

ActivityTimeline Timesheet Report

Timesheet Report

Generate Timesheet Reports based on logged work.Team Summary, Team Detailed by Project and Team Detailed by Issue worklog reports available in Web and Excel formats.* for Jira Cloud and Jira 7 and above.

ActivityTimeline Availability Reports

Availability Reports

Generate People Availability/Capacity Reports based on scheduled work hours.

Check availability of different users

Check availability of different users

Need some users for future projects? - Check their availability in a special report.

Track days off and vacations of your users

Track days off and vacations of your users

Never lose track of non-working days of your employees. Generate useful report to stay on the same page with their Vacations and Days off.

Additional Features

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