Jira Dark Mode is Live: Exploring the Night Theme in Jira Apps

June 11, 2023

The dark theme has become increasingly popular in recent years. With the widespread availability of night mode on digital devices and the ability to customize the look and feel of digital environments, users are taking advantage of the opportunity to switch their color palette from light to dark.

The dark theme has become increasingly popular in recent years. With the widespread availability of night mode on digital devices and the ability to customize the look and feel of digital environments, users are taking advantage of the opportunity to switch their color palette from light to dark.

Jira, one of the world's leading software development tracking and project management services, has now jumped aboard the dark mode trend. ActivityTimeline for Jira also has added a dark mode feature for user convenience.

This article will review the advantages of the Jira dark mode feature, cover how to enable Jira dark mode, and how set a dark theme in ActivityTimeline in a few clicks!

Why use Jira Dark Mode?

Previously users could get the dark mode for Jira only with the browser extension, so the introduction of dark mode to Jira is a welcome upgrade, as the ability to switch from a light to a dark color palette can make a significant difference in user experience and can reduce eye strain.

Join the darkside

Through dark mode, users have the ability to customize their workspace to provide a more relaxed, backlit environment.

When you switch to dark mode in Jira, the primary interface changes color from light gray to black, while most text changes to white. Navigational elements are also easier to differentiate when dark mode is selected.

In addition, certain icons and images on the main page are easier to identify in dark mode. Aside from the improved readability and clearer contrasts for the user, dark mode is beneficial for the ecosystem of Jira and ActivityTimeline as it can help conserve battery power. It does this by limiting the amount of light that's emitted from the display, allowing for more efficient battery life.  

Users can now toggle between light and dark themes, making it easier to make workspaces comfortable for both working hours and leisure time. Dark mode in Jira and ActivityTimeline is not only a practical option but also an attractive one.  

With darkened accents and graphics, users can create an environment that looks and feels more natural and comfortable while also receiving the benefits of eye fatigue reduction and battery life improvement. It is an update that everyone should take advantage of.

How to Enable Jira Dark Mode?

It’s easy to enable Jira dark mode. Users can easily switch between color palettes in their "Settings" menu.

To activate Jira dark mode proceed with the following steps:

1. Log into your Jira account

2. Navigate to the “Settings"

3. Choose the "Theme" section, and enable Jira dark mode.

Jira Dark Mode: Enabling process

Once this is done, the entire user interface of the application will be transformed into the Jira dark mode interface.

Jira Dark Mode Interface

This is entirely reversible, as users have 4 theme options for the computer screen: Light Mode, Dark Mode, Original Mode, and Match system. You can disable Jira dark mode by navigating back to the same section and selecting the “Light Mode” option, or others.

Dark Theme in ActivityTimeline

ActivityTimeline for Jira has also provided the night mode feature for its users, as there are a lot of fans of the dark reader mode.

The Default View:

ActivityTimeline Dashboard with the Light Mode Applied

The Dark View:

ActivityTimeline Dashboard with the Night Mode Applied

You can enjoy the Planning Dashboard view with the dark mode applied, all of the projects with tasks, as well as user timelines with ongoing and future activities. The color palette is diverse, and you can see every needed detail in the laconic night eye style.

This feature is available for Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center, and Jira Server. You can switch from the default Light theme to the Dark mode in the “My Account” configuration page.

Enable Dark Mode in ActivityTimeline

You can turn on the Dark Theme in ActivityTimeline app on the “My Account” page:

  1. Find the drop-down menu in the up-left corner
Dark Mode Activation in ActivityTimeline

2. Click on the “My Account” section

ActvityTimeline Personal Settings

3. On the “My Account” page user will find three mode options:

ActivityTimeline Color Modes
  • Light Mode
  • Dark Mode
  • and Auto Mode, which will automatically switch your mode in the app to a dark or light one, depending on the theme of your Jira Cloud.

Note that Auto Mode is available for Jira Cloud only. Jira Data Center/Server users can manually choose either Light or Dark mode in ActivityTimeline Configuration → My Account Menu.

4. Click on the “Dark Mode” button and the new theme will be applied immediately.

The Dark Theme will be applied to all ActivityTimeline Modules: Plan, Work, Track, and Report.

The app's personal workspace for every user also provides a comprehensive overview of tasks and projects with a new dark color scheme:

ActivityTimeline Personal Workspace

Timesheet reports also look great:

ActivityTimeline Timesheets with Dark Mode applied

Reporting section offers various detailed reports in comfortable dark mode as well:

ActivityTimeline Reporting Section with Dark Mode applied


Dark Mode in Jira and ActivityTimeline is a simple yet powerful addition to enhance the experience of both casual and expert users. This new feature makes the user interface easier to read and helps reduce eye strain for longer sessions.

Furthermore, it provides a much more modern and clean look with a distinct aesthetic to Jira and ActivityTimeline. The improved usability and design make it a great choice for any user looking to take advantage of the power of both tools.


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