Sirius Technologies Enhances Efficiency and Visibility with ActivityTimeline

Sophon Pipitnowvarat
Vice President of Operations at Sirius Technologies
Sirius Technologies Enhances Efficiency and Visibility with ActivityTimeline
Sirius Technologies Enhances Efficiency and Visibility with ActivityTimeline


Enhanced Visibility and Pre-Planning
Enhanced Visibility and Pre-Planning
Streamlined Operations and Productivity
Streamlined Operations and Productivity
Improved Resource Utilization and Allocation
Improved Resource Utilization and Allocation

Sirius Technologies is a prominent player in the financial technology sector, dedicated to enabling intelligent digital transformation for banks and financial institutions. The company offers a proven, flexible, and scalable enterprise architecture designed to innovate and deliver superior digital financial services. Their application platform allows financial institutions to scale and introduce new digital products while protecting legacy IT investments.

Headquartered in Singapore, Sirius Technologies also has offices in Bangkok, Bogotá, and Shenzhen. In our recent conversation with Sophon Pipitnowvarat, Vice President of Operations at Sirius Technologies, he shared his story and experiences with implementing ActivityTimeline. His insights provide a comprehensive view of how ActivityTimeline has transformed their resource planning and time-tracking processes.

The Challenge:

Before adopting ActivityTimeline, Sirius Technologies faced significant challenges with resource allocation and planning.

“Previous work is one day at a time and while using Kanban, we have low visibility of the due date of the work. By switching to Activity Timeline, we encourage team to pre-plan their workload one week in advance. And we start to have visibility which tasks are delayed or risk of being delay.“

Sophon Pipitnowvarat, Vice President of Operations at
Sirius Technologies

This lack of foresight necessitated a solution that could provide better visibility and encourage pre-planning to optimize resource usage.

The Solution:

Sirius Technologies evaluated several options before selecting ActivityTimeline. The key criteria included:

  • Ease of Use: The user-friendly interface made it accessible for all team members.
  • Integration with Jira: Seamless integration was crucial for maintaining consistent data flow.
  • Cost: The solution was cost-effective compared to other tools.
  • Reporting Capabilities: Provided different insights that were crucial for decision-making.

ActivityTimeline was chosen as the solution to their needs due to its user-friendly interface and powerful integration capabilities. It promised to simplify the management of tasks and resources by providing clear visibility and easy tracking, which was exactly what they needed to improve their operational efficiency.


Integrating ActivityTimeline with Sirius Technologies’ existing systems was straightforward. The team connected through APIs to gather raw data, which was then used to generate various views for better planning and visibility. The support from ActivityTimeline was instrumental, with timely and accurate responses that addressed their specific needs and provided productive guidelines.


Sirius Technologies uses ActivityTimeline extensively in their day-to-day operations. The team now plans resources a week in advance, ensuring that all tasks and activities are accounted for ahead of time. This proactive planning approach helps the team to lock in resources, guaranteeing their optimal use. By identifying idle time and late tasks promptly, the team can pinpoint inefficiencies and address them quickly.

Sophon highlighted that the pre-planning facilitated by ActivityTimeline has allowed for proactive resource allocation and better visibility of potential blockers. The improved reporting capabilities have also significantly enhanced their preparedness for resource movements and project impacts. The detailed reports provide critical insights that enable the team to make informed decisions and adjust plans as necessary to maintain efficiency and productivity.

"We are better prepared of the impact of moving resources. Requestor of resources also need to do more homework of why they need the resource and better projection of days requested"

Sophon Pipitnowvarat, Vice President of Operations at
Sirius Technologies

Feedback and Future Plans:

Since implementing ActivityTimeline, Sirius Technologies has seen significant improvements in resource planning and time tracking. The team is now better prepared to handle resource movements, with requestors needing to provide detailed justifications for their resource needs. This has led to more efficient resource utilization and has minimized delays in project delivery.

Sophon also mentioned that the team now has a structured approach to managing their resources, which has resulted in improved overall efficiency. The ability to forecast resource needs accurately has been a game-changer for Sirius Technologies, allowing them to stay ahead of potential issues and manage their projects more effectively.


Sirius Technologies’ experience with ActivityTimeline highlights the importance of effective resource planning and time tracking in enhancing productivity and workflow. The seamless integration, ease of use, and robust reporting capabilities of ActivityTimeline have empowered Sirius Technologies to optimize their operations and achieve their business objectives. By providing better visibility into project timelines and resource allocation, ActivityTimeline has become an indispensable tool for the team.

Sirius Technologies empowers banks and financial institutions with intelligent digital transformation. Our proven bespoke composable application platform enables these entities to effortlessly scale and introduce innovative digital products to their customers and partners, all while safeguarding their legacy IT investments. By collaborating with Sirius Technologies, our customers establish the foundation for an open, cloud-native, and agile digital enterprise.
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