How to Create a Jira Team Calendar with ActivityTimeline?

March 27, 2024

Jira, a widely popular project management and issue-scheduling platform offers numerous useful features for its users. In today's article, we will discover how to get a calendar view within Jira.

Jira, a widely popular project management and issue-scheduling platform offers numerous useful features for its users. In today's article, we will discover how to get a calendar view within Jira. We will also understand how to create a Jira Team Calendar with ActivityTimeline to significantly enhance team collaboration, task allocation, and project scheduling.  

Jira Calendar View

Jira provides a centralized calendar view for a single project. It's quite easy to find the calendar option among other views:

Jira Calendar View

With its help users can observe current project tasks with deadlines, resolution status, and assignees.

Calendar in Jira

Users can leverage Jira's filtering options to display specific tasks, projects, or team members on the calendar.

Jira Cloud Calendar

Teams seeking Jira calendars for managing numerous projects and teams can explore add-ons designed to elevate their project and resource planning experience. Users may find them within the Atlassian Marketplace.

One such solution is ActivityTimeline, a resource planning calendar plugin with time-tracking features tailored for Jira. It functions as a comprehensive calendar, consolidating all Jira projects, tasks, and teams within a unified interface. Just add a calendar to your instance and start planning tasks professionally.

Team Calendars for Jira with ActivityTimeline

Team Calendar acts as a centralized hub where team members can visualize team/user timelines, deadlines, team workload, or availability. By integrating your project tasks with a calendar view, you gain a holistic perspective on project progress and resource allocation.

ActivityTimeline for Jira empowers users to establish precise and transparent strategies for both short-term goals and long-term aspirations. It streamlines the distribution of task assignments and provides live monitoring of progress.

ActivityTimeline Planning Dashboard (team calendars page) designed as a calendar for multiple projects with Jira issues scheduled on the user and team timelines. It offers planning for various timeframes:

ActivityTimeline Calendar View

Effortlessly schedule tasks directly from the dashboard or swiftly create new Jira tasks with just a few clicks, ensuring seamless synchronization with Jira. Alongside timelines, users benefit from workload indicators, providing a visual representation of workload status. Yellow indicates below capacity, red signals workload surpassing capacity, while green signifies optimal balance.

Workload Indicators in ActivityTimeline

These indicators are available for both user and team timelines:

Team Panel in ActivityTimeline

It's also possible to switch these indicators to availability mode, or show the number of tasks per day:

Workload and Availability Management in ActivityTimeline

ActivityTimeline introduces a Team Panel alongside the user timeline feature, empowering teams with strategic planning capabilities and improved oversight. This specialized team calendar streamlines resource allocation and scheduling, allowing users to devise long-term plans spanning months or quarters.

The Team mode provides a clear depiction of workloads across teams, greatly simplifying comprehensive planning for individual teams or the entire organization.

Epic Management in ActivityTimeline

Schedule Custom Team Events

While Jira lacks built-in custom events such as bookings, meetings, holidays, days off, and vacations, incorporating these functionalities can greatly enhance time-off and workload management. ActivityTimeline offers valuable assistance in holiday and custom event management for teams.

Custom tasks creation in ActivityTimeline

In addition to holidays, users can schedule other events on the timelines: placeholders for upcoming tasks, resource bookings, notes, and overtime. One more great feature is that users can create their special custom events and schedule them on team calendars.

Users have the option to create their own events within the application, which proves highly beneficial, considering that companies often engage in various activities related to their workflow that aren't directly supported by Jira, such as business trips, meetings, and team-building activities.

Custom Events in ActivityTimeline

Milestone Panel helps to track important events and tasks:

Milestones Panel in ActivitvTimeline

Integrate with Outlook or Google Calendar

One more exciting feature is an opportunity to integrate your personal work calendars like Google, and Outlook with ActivtyTimeline. Enabling the synchronization of Jira and other calendars enhances the linkage between project administration and communication channels, fostering seamless teamwork among project participants.


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